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    Hello ...

    I'm doing a musical collaboration with a synthpop artist here in Tennessee named X-Sonic. He's written a song called "Machine Language" and I have done an Atari-themed remix of it.

    We want to make a music video, and use footage from Atari 8-bit demos. Here's a list of the demos we want to use (most of which can be downloaded here):

    Base 33 (the Aids group)
    Endless Dream (Zelax)
    Pure demo
    Redditus demo
    The Top 2 (WFMH)
    Cool Emotion
    Unshaped (Masters of Electric City)

    I'd like contact info for the people responsible for these, as I'd like to get permission to use these in the music video. All parties would get full credit in the video of course.
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    • CommentTime3 Oct 2013
    Larek :-) He's royal video creator court of Atari Parties ;-)
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    • CommentTime3 Oct 2013
    Ale ja z wymienionymi produkcjami nie mam (niestety) nic wspólnego, a tu raczej chodzi o zgodę na użycie tych materiałów w klipie wideo. O ile dobrze zrozumiałem, bo ja z angielskiego tylko znam raus i hande hoch ;)
    • 4: CommentAuthorbob_er
    • CommentTime3 Oct 2013

    I'm co-author of unshaped.
    Yes, you can use our demo in your video, but only if your video will under Creative Commons license (or similar).

    And of course, let us know, when you finish your job :).
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    • CommentTime3 Oct 2013
    @Larek: no widzisz, wyszło na to, że ja też raus i hande hoch ;-)
    wieczor: I got it. :)

    Update: The video is not finished yet (January 2014 likely) but you can hear the song at this link:


    Go to "Machine Language" (Synthetik FM 6502 Assembler Mix). See how many Atari sounds you can hear in the mix ... most of them recorded off of my Atari 1200XL. For the melody, I had to use an emulator tho. :)

    I will work on the video over Christmas.