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    • 1: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime16 Nov 2009
    Please help, is there any WIN32 program for convert JPG,BMP or any other pictures to pixel byte? One Byte is one pixel of 0 to 255, where the number is the color of pixel. I have this on my old Dos comp,but i need this on WIN32.

    Picture of resolution 6x3 of 3 color become a file

    Inside the file


    • 2: CommentAuthormono
    • CommentTime16 Nov 2009 zmieniony
    I have no progam with this functionality, but I think simple BMP conversion will be enough to you.
    Thats it because BMP in 256-colour mode have picture content encoded in this manner you like - 1 pixel is 1 byte. Pixel byte is index of colour in palette.
    BMP format is quite simply - look at ->link<- and search "BMP" (I can't paste link to BMP because wotsit is protected against spam automatas).
    • 3: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime16 Nov 2009
    Oh thanks,but I need program, Iam not programmer,in this way I need help. I find a good program,but it is for BatariBasic...and I need the same but that i will it use in Atari Basic or TurboBasic :D


    Or any easy program that decode BMP to byte file :D

    • 4:
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    You can load BMP file to Graph2Font and save it as data file. That's not what you exactly expected but better than nothing.
    • 5: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    Yeah, but in G2F is no resolution. If I need onyl 32x50 or bigger as 319 x 196 and soo....
    I am looking on net, but cannot find,then please if anybody know?? thx.
    • 6:
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    You can get smaller pictures in G2F but they size is always multiplicity of 8, i.e. 32 pixels, 160 pixels.

    PS. Have you tried save option in pc pictures viewers like XnView and IrfanView?
    • 7: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    I have got the XnView, but I dont know if there is this option to save Byte picture? You knou anything??
    • 8:
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    There are so many formats in extended load/save menu that it was pointless for me :). However you should take a look.
    • 9: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    as mono mentioned BMP file should be the file type you`re looking for. You can view the content of the 8bit per pixel BMP file by using some simple tool(for example BIN2ASM by Vega).At the beggining goes the header then data pixel by pixel,line by line.
    • 10: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    Its not bad, but not correct program,there symbol , and so.. I need better program to do this DAT BYTE file.
    If a have BMP picture of 256 color, resolution of 320x200 then that must do a DAT file 64.000 where 1 byte has number from 0 to 255. Than a can it load do disk ATR image an load to GR8 :D ok? has anybody this program???
    • 11: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    maybe just convert your BMP to RAW file (using IrfanView).RAW (in 8bpp mode) is simply BMP minus header and array of colors,just pure data.
    • 12: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2009
    Ou yeah, I think that it. Questeion to this, when I have BMP, can I do it only with 4 or 16 color? That the byte become number from 0 to 0F ?? Thx.