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    • 1: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime19 Nov 2013

    there are first four tracks from my new album:)


    Enjoy! :)

    • 2: CommentAuthorxxl
    • CommentTime19 Nov 2013
    Circus Riders of Hell - 10 points !!!
    • 3: CommentAuthorpowersoft
    • CommentTime28 Jan 2014
    hallo poison,

    this is markus (powersoft) from germany. also hallo to each one readng this post. I was very active in the 80ies and 90ies and had one of germanies biggest mailorder with alsoa huge pd store of mroe than 1.000 titels, imported many items from USA and was also the first importing the legendary polish games for atari.

    I wrote for sevral magazines in germany like amc soft, zong and atari magazine and also relased my own magazines. now I am back in the scene and want to release a printed atari magazin in german and also release some cool stuff.

    I am a child of the 80ies, so I love music tapes (MC)... I want to release tapes with pokey sound on it. so poison, or any other composer might be interst please get in touch with me through my email which is

    I just listened to all four albums, and they are HUGE! I like them personally very very much.

    all the best