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    I have made a POKEY note table in .xls format

    The table has these settings:

    $Ax (square wave) for 64 khz, 15 khz, and 16-bit
    $Cx (saw wave) for 64 khz, 1.79 mhz, 16-bit, includes RMT C and E settings
    $2x (triangle wave) for 64 khz, 1.79 mhz, and 16-bit
    $8x plus 9-bit for 1.79 mhz and 16-bit
    $4x for 1.79 mhz and 16-bit, there are two tables, one of them is a mod 3 table, uses multiples of three like $Cx

    Also has reverse 16-bit settings. You set 16-bit mode, play first channel and make second channel silent.

    $Ax - uses 64khz clock. Standard $Ax table, then 50% duty cycle NES wave starting at A#3 and going down to C2

    $8x - 1.79 mhz clock. Distorted guitars. Two note tables, plus a third table with vibrating sounds.

    $4x - 1.79 mhz clock. Distorted guitars. Three note tables, plus a third table with vibrating sounds.

    It's in English, maybe someone can translate to Polish?

    Still not finished, I will add SKCTL=$8B and hi-pass AUDCTL=$02, $04, $06 settings.
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    • CommentTime21 Apr 2020 zmieniony
    Thanks for this!
    When you finish, somebody would translate, not sooner (additional work). If nobody else, then me.
    I think a good idea is to place this on
    Good idea.

    I am also trying to learn Polish ... it's very hard lol. :) Maybe by the time the note table is finished.

    I hope a new tracker will come of this work. Meanwhile, my $4x reverse 16-bit table has been hacked into RMT on the AtariAge forum. Might be useful, maybe, for now.
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    • CommentTime21 Apr 2020
    is it working the same for PAL and NTSC machines?
    Not sure. I tested everything in NTSC and tuned by ear against the standard $Ax table.
    Here are RMT hacked with reverse $4x table into 6 distortion. You place notes in first column. Not sure if the hack is working or not. R0ger did the hacks.
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    • CommentTime21 Apr 2020


    It's in English, maybe someone can translate to Polish?

    Sure, we can do it.
    It's a long way from being done. $4x reverse 16 took me two months to do. I had to listen to all 65,536 frequencies.
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    • CommentTime21 Apr 2020
    Wow! Incredible hard work.
    I also did work on $4x 1.79 mhz plus SKCTL=$8B two tone. Distorted guitars, plus the two $Cx note tables, but they are run through a fuzzy distortion. Very close to finishing that one.
    Added a new update ... SKCTL two tone mode for $Ax distortions ...


    More work remains