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    • 1: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime24 Feb 2010
    hi, I would like to make a remix of music form zx spectrum, but its it YM format. I need to see notes or paterns ( dont need sounds, samples, atc . .) Is somewhere viewer or format converter for example to mod, xm, s3m etc . . no midi please:)
    thx for help
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    • CommentTime24 Feb 2010
    I have tried this on Atari.
    I have modified sources od Atari800MacX to print everything that is written to sound registers. Such a list was thrown into my simple converter to gmc format, and finally gmc to midi. It even worked for simple mellodies ex. Montezuma's Revenge (mainly pure tones).

    Answer to your question depends on another one:
    Is the YM format open or widely used? If yes, search for it, if no, forget it or use my approach with emulation.
    • 3: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime24 Feb 2010
    it soudns great, but I think its to difficult for me:( I mean somethink like ay2xm. Its music from ZX128 (using their "soundcard":)). I have found the same music in midi, but when I saw lines with notes is impossible for me work with that. Anyway is possible to see midi files in paterns? I mean the same view as mod or xm in Fast Tracker or Milky Tracker.
    • 4: CommentAuthormono
    • CommentTime24 Feb 2010
    I saw sources to AYLet player ->link<- . It is written in c so just look into it.
    • 5: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime24 Feb 2010 zmieniony
    now I have the same music in many formats:) mid, sid, sndh, ay. Is possible any of theese formats convert to mod, xm, or view in . . . . ?