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    • 1: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime14 Jul 2010

    I need music from DEFENDER OF THE CROWN, in PC Dos version are 4 songs, and I need them in .CMC format. For next is there any convert program to CMC music?

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    • CommentTime15 Jul 2010
    Will there be real Atari 8-bit version of this great game (better than Polish "Wladca") ??? ;o
    • 3: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime15 Jul 2010
    Yeah, I do combi of gr 15 with DLI and APAC for 256 colors,I think about christmast will be complet, two language version (English/Czech).

    Now I am search for the music to this game in .CMC format. Please help :D
    • 4: CommentAuthors2325
    • CommentTime15 Jul 2010
    Maybe it's easy to convert this music from Atari ST?
    I think it's in .ym format and if you close your eyes you should hear Atari Pokey ;)
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    • CommentTime15 Jul 2010
    Is there any particular reason to do it in CMC?

    The fastest way is to sit down and write it by hands.
    It is not hard, because instruments are not changing most the time.

    I'm asking about cmc/ not cmc, because it is ideal to write it custom, in Action for example (without library, treat this as the machine code). The original timbre would be preserved.
    • 6: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime15 Jul 2010
    Hi, Paladina - I wrote you to the your toppic on atari age about music in cmc.
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    • CommentTime2 Dec 2010
    @Paladina, how is the progress bar?
    Do you still need this music?
    Hi, any News?

    (Paladina please see your Messenger at AtariAge...)
    Can't wait to see this one into A8!...
    José Pereira.
    • 9: CommentAuthorPaladina
    • CommentTime11 Dec 2010
    I am greetings you. At this moment I must do little pause on reprograming DOC, to moch work around new house and family. I have got the Intro with music from poison. To JHUSAK, maybe you can help me with sound effect, is possible that you do for me CMC little sound effects? As aimed catapult or shot, crash boulder the wall and so? must be very little files ..
    For next I am at this moment programing my own special utility for do PMG graphics.
    I think after christmas I start again the work on Defender of Crown.

    For next capitol, I must find somebody who can translate the game in Polish :D yes I will do 3 lauguage version, CZECH, ENGLISH and POLISH. :D But it wil be comming in year 2011...
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    • CommentTime13 Dec 2010 zmieniony
    Is it long text to translate? How many KBs of ATASCII?