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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 dni temu zmieniony
    To name it "SID Emulation" was a joke.
    It's just RMT and what it offers to use POKEY.
    But the sounds are real :D

    If it only was possible to put in instruments for universal use.
    • 2: CommentAuthorpavros
    • CommentTime5 dni temu
    Emkay, would you share the .rmt then?
    • 3: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 dni temu zmieniony

    I'm tired with showing RMTs.
    I DID show what it is about, released rmt files... did teaching videos.

    But it isn't the solution to "have a look how it is done".
    Just using the setting doesn't help for a new tune. The musician knows it better, if you understand.
    I offered cooperation a thousand times, but no reaction.
    I also found SOME tunes that used my setting , but there is no mentioning about me.
    As long as people don't understand the physical part of music creation, everything is wasted time.

    If at least a tracker existed that allowed to set those instruments "physically" correct, I'd do a library for sounds.
    Releasing RMTs of what I'm doing is actually 180 degrees wrong to the direction of proper POKEY development.
    • 4: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime5 dni temu zmieniony
    @emkay, release at least SAP TYPE-R files (saves of the values sent to the POKEY). This might inspire someone to do a proper editor / tracker.
    • 5: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 dni temu zmieniony

    Sometime I'm releasing intros, as you might know. At least as a demonstration that good graphics and sound can be presented at the same time ;)

    • 6: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime4 dni temu zmieniony
    Things are really weird , when it comes to POKEY music development.

    Particular two of my edit, really should have made people nosy.

    This one , sack/c0s did in a complete version for SID, then he did a small loop in RMT. I grabbed it and this is the result:

    Also the next one. It's a very dark theme. The variantions in sound should have woke up people's interest. It sounds a bit like 15kHz, but it's clearly more in tune.

    To make it clear once again:

    It is real POKEY sound. The result is only limited by RMT and the emulations. CPU usage is very low.
    On other platforms, for sure, people would ask for coopoeration, as the music taste is different, it could be a result of "fitting taste plus fitting POKEY sounds in one" .
    But it doesn't happen.
    • 7: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime4 dni temu zmieniony
    I was surprised myself, that people liked this one that much:

    It's a "simulation" of a 2 channel beeper engine.
    As it might be clear, it's also just POKEY programming in RMT.
    Very low CPU needed though.
    It's also originally a 4 channel Mod, and I put the channels together to play it at 2 channels.
    • 8: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime4 dni temu zmieniony
    Also: I'm still wondering why this perfect slapstick/cartoon style 15kHz tune doesn't get popular .
    It's actually the 2020 version ;)