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    some time ago I downloaded a selfmade/patched OS for the XF551 drive with Turbo mode. Alas, today I cannot find this patched OS anymore. But as far as I remember, it was created in Poland, so can anybody upload a copy of this XF Turbo OS (or Turbo XF OS) or give a link where I can download it ?!? Filesize should be 8192 Bytes and instead of XF highspeed it would do Turbospeed...

    Oh, I already looked here: ->link<-
    and there is only the standard XF OS (Rev. 7.7) available, but not the XF Turbo OS...
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    • CommentTime25 Feb 2019
    Do you remember who was the author?
    Alas, I do not remember the author...

    (But it was NOT turbo for data recorder and NOT turbo for 1050, really a turbo OS for the XF551)...
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    • CommentTime25 Feb 2019
    Maybe you are talking about Hyper+ XF?
    Sorry, no. Allthough all my (4) XF floppy drives are equipped with Hyper-XF OS, I am really searching for that XF Turbo OS (or Turbo XF OS) at the moment...

    Dropcheck just posted at Atari Age forum about an 4x OS for the XF551 which she found at Gramblicka's webpage. So I went there and searched for the Turbo XF OS and FOUND IT:


    G. mentions, that this OS originates from Poland, either KMK or TOMS or something else... in other words, my search was successfull, topic can be closed.

    But maybe atarionline can add the various XF OS to their archive... e.g. the 4xOS for XF551:

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    • CommentTime27 Feb 2019
    Thanks, CharlieChaplin! Added.