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    Helena's BASIC Games by Helena Dell
    May I ask, how old is she ?!?

    Me and my family made funny guesses...

    - my children: she's 10 years old
    - me: she's a teenager approx. 15 years old
    - my wife: she is in the early 20s

    So who made the correct guess ?!?
    • 3: CommentAuthorAdam
    • CommentTime27 Mar 2019 zmieniony
    As far as I remember JAC (Peter Dell) mentioned her age on Facebook when he presented this video. And because I published it on AtariOnline's FB profile at the time (August 2018) with a comment and I keep notes, I can say that she was 14 when the video was published and 12 when she wrote the games.
    • 4:
    • CommentTime27 Mar 2019 zmieniony
    Impressive! Another "next-generation" girl who start the adventure with Atari programming!

    (do you remember Czarna - Arti's daughter?)