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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime1 Sep 2021
    VinsCool rearranged the code behind RMT, to hijack the main player and to add features, like automatic AUDCTL control and notation table to fit to any special feature.

    There are still limits, but here are some demonstrations of using gen. 2 as some kind of gen A modulations....

    • 2:
    • CommentTime1 Sep 2021
    Could you tell more, what I have to look to?
    • 3:
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    cały wątek chyba tutaj ->link<-
    • 4:
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    No to lektura na długi zimowy wieczór.
    • 5: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    Playing around...

    • 6: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    noice!!! scandinavian amiga 90's demoscene vibe, really kewl
    • 7: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    great emkay, good job, can you provide .xex file please?
    • 8: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2021
    oh, I found it on AAge :)
    • 9:
    • CommentTime3 Sep 2021
    Waiting for such RMT-hack that will fully satisfy Emkay and not only him.
    RMT is worth seriously upgrading, after all....
    • 10: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime11 Sep 2021
    • 11: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime11 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    once again smooth tune with no false notes!
    emkay: upload xex pls, we are not fans of youtube, we are fans of atari
    • 12: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime11 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    what so say? Thanks, that you like the result.
    But there is so much more to it.
    I really have no idea where to start, but particular the synth is something far from outside the Atari world, but just a direct feature of POKEY.
    It took more than 40 years to have a software available that hits POKEY'S feature more than 60% , thanks to VinsCool's RMT patching following my request.
    The barriers have been a lot higher than you might think of, but at the end it is all so tiny.
    Actually, I want to read some special words from special people, to reveal the achieved things.

    Are you sure, you do get the difference here, comparing to a standard POKEY tune?
    • 13: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime11 Sep 2021
    great, but I wish to appreciate your music more on my Atari :) could you please share xex file?
    • 14: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime12 Sep 2021
    look at AA
    • 15: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Sep 2021
    Work in progress ;)

    • 16: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 Sep 2021
    For those who like 4 channels more.

    Here is a tune using generator 2 as some modulation feature ...

    • 17: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime21 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    Me likes RMT hacking ;)

    • 18: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime22 Sep 2021
    emkay is back :))))))
    i tell you, this is an acquired taste, not for the meek :]
    • 19: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime22 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    What makes me wondering on and on is that people start to dislike POKEY tunes when they get more musically.

    But we still develop things...

    All the problems that appear in today's development exist, because POKEY never has been used as a chip for creating music, just for POKEY tunes.
    So all features of correctness were missing.
    But in the last 12 months a lot good things happened.
    • 20: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime23 Sep 2021
    very nice!
    • 21: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime23 Sep 2021
    @emkay - after listening to tens or hundreds of your tunes I think I more or less understand the attitude to your original prods - they are very different than what we hear normally - very simple tunes, simple progression, soothing scales, very regular tempo. Think The Beatles versus Cardiacs. You can argue as much as you want that Cardiacs are better musically, but try to play it at a party.
    You are Cardiacs of pokey :)))
    I also listen to Japanese noise techno, so...
    • 22: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime23 Sep 2021
    Interestingly enough that I didn't know that band before I read your post :D
    • 23: CommentAuthormav
    • CommentTime23 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    Dobre te Cardiacsy :D
    Takie skrzyżowanie Franka Zappy z Cyriakiem i paroma innymi świrami :D
    • 24: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    When editing tunes like this, I miss the full control over the whole thing.
    Passive programming shows possible things, at least :)

    • 25: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Sep 2021 zmieniony
    And now with the Altirra libraries, you can hear things inside the editor without wobbling...

    • 26: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Sep 2021
    and a last one for today :)

    • 27: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime28 Sep 2021
    Would you prefer such more?

    It's using the main lead to have "single" and "chorus" instruments by intention.
    3 channels because the filter voice is using the same instrument on both channels.
    It's all about timing programming.

    • 28: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime3 Oct 2021 zmieniony
    Two controversal tunes

    The main voice is build on the "polycounter basses"

    And now it is possible to use the tunes of the hacked RMT in the intro package. (found the bugs ;) )

    • 29: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime3 Oct 2021
    It really works :)

    • 30: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime6 Oct 2021 zmieniony
    Remember: When a Rastaconverter image is used, there is not much CPU left, and the music has to tun on single VBI speed.

    • 31: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime7 Oct 2021 zmieniony
    How about this?

    • 32: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime8 Oct 2021
    very nice, as always: .xex pls, we are not fans of youtube, we are fans of Atari :)
    • 33: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Oct 2021
    To me this is the most impressive result yet...

    But it still reaches only 70% of what's possible.
    • 34: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime3 Dec 2021
    How about this edit?

    • 35: CommentAuthorfalcon030
    • CommentTime4 Dec 2021
    It sounds really nice!
    • 36: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 Dec 2021 zmieniony
    Here is a small updade, now played in RMT.

    • 37: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Dec 2021
    Current event ;)

    • 38: CommentAuthorGonzo
    • CommentTime24 Dec 2021 zmieniony
    emkay - this is really good, some things to fix... but it is fine, i like this, especially for tribute to dizzy. ultimately it is greate, good sound, marry Christmas :)
    • 39: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime9 Jan 2022
    4 channel ... real 4 channel ;)

    • 40: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime9 Jan 2022
    • 41: CommentAuthormav
    • CommentTime9 Jan 2022
    Ah yes, lotus
    • 42: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 Jan 2022
    I really like what comes out of 4 channel programming now :)

    • 43: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 Jan 2022
    Hmmm. no comment yet?

    OK ... how about some technically heavy stuff?
    It's a month old already ;)

    Be careful. What you hear is not possible ;)

    • 44: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 dni temu
    RMT 1.31 also allows to use a special mix of 4 channels PLUS Filter.
    I name it 6 channel mode ;)

    • 45: CommentAuthorRTG
    • CommentTime5 dni temu zmieniony
    very cool tracks
    • 46: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 dni temu

    How about this one?

    • 47: CommentAuthorRTG
    • CommentTime4 dni temu zmieniony
    good stuff for some new game.
    • 48: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime4 dni temu
    • 49: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime8 godzin temu
    Pushing the thread ;)

    5 channels ;)

    • 50: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime7 godzin temu
    OK, this is not so perfect.
    I'm checking the 16 Bit feature here...