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    I have a new technique for doing ICE mode pictures ... this time, instead of full-screen flickering, the mode changes happen on the character line (every 8 scanlines). These pictures are in the PCIN (Gr. 12+10) mode. It is possible to do pictures in other ICE modes (MIN, Super IRG 2, CIN) as well.

    The attached zip file has some examples. :) These have also been dithered to reduce flicker as well.
    My first ICE mode picture using DLI color changes:

    This is Super 9, double interlaced Antic 2 / Graphics 9, but with DLI color changes. The picture swaps two DLI's out each cycle, and also alternates the striping so that the whole screen doesn't flicker entire frames.

    You can have any of 136 color palettes on each character line, with 256 two-tone shades per palette.