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    • 1: CommentAuthorrudla
    • CommentTime7 Jan 2010

    I'm using MADS and Atari800Win Plus 4.0.
    How can I enter debugger at specified addres? Currently I'm using BRK instruction, but it seems to jump to BRK vector. Atari freezes and I can hit F8 to enter console.

    I would like to know, how to setup the breakpoint so, that the console is open at specified address (best using some instruction or macro in code).


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    • CommentTime8 Jan 2010
    "BREAK [addr]"?
    • 3: CommentAuthorfandal
    • CommentTime8 Jan 2010
    Zdar Rudlo!/Hi Rudla!

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    • 4: CommentAuthor0xF
    • CommentTime8 Jan 2010
    In your source use:
    dta 2
    which is an opcode which hangs the 6502. The emulator will ask if you want to open the debugger.

    To set the breakpoint manually in the emulator, use "BREAK addr". For more complicated breakpoints, type "B ?".
    • 5: CommentAuthorrudla
    • CommentTime8 Jan 2010
    Thanks, this seems usable.