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    OK, I need help again with SAP-B

    This time, I am doing a double POKEY tune. My code is correct, but when I modify it for SAP-B as with earlier examples, it crashes. Anybody have ideas?
    Just an update ... I am in the middle of writing out a documentation of what I have named $4x/$Cx mode. The setup is:

    AUDCTL=$40 (1.79 mhz on top of 64 khz clock)
    SKCTL=$8B (two-tone mode)

    Set distortion $4x in first channel
    Silence second channel or play $Cx distortion.

    There are at least 6 or 7 note tables to be had in this mode.
    Most produce distorted guitars.

    In this setting, you have to contend with frequencies in the mod 3 and mod 5 ranges (like C distortion) and also mod 15 and mod 31.

    If you store a mod 15 value in first channel and you put standard C distortion frequency in second channel, you get a fuzzy C distortion. The higher the modulation in channel 1, the fuzzier it sounds.

    If you store mod 5 (not 15) in 1, you put frequencies close to C distortion in 2, and it makes distorted guitars.
    When I get this done, I want to write a document and put this setting on AtariWiki. It's too useful not to be up there ...