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    In the process of developing the assembler version of the #FujiNet N: CIO handler, I've been using AMAC and the ACTION! editor (which Peter Dell broke out into its own XEX, which is quite wonderful!), and for debugging I am using a relocatable debugger that was developed internally at Atari by Amy Chen called AMOEBA.

    It was discovered on a pile of disks from a former Atari employee a few years ago, and was subsequently archived, and I spent some time getting to know it, and really like it. The "patch" functionality alone sets it above most of the others.

    The problem? It uses some 400/800 specific entry points to start up, and thus doesn't start up correctly on XL/XE systems, so I am having to run my U1MB with the 800 OS to debug my driver. This is okay, so not a deal breaker, but I thought maybe you guys would like to take a look and see if it's worth bringing it forward?

    Pic here:

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    • CommentTime30 Apr 2020 zmieniony
    Is there any instruction for this?
    Yes :)

    #Atari8bit #FujiNet Shown here is the process I am using to develop the second version of the CIO handler, written in the ACTION! editor, assembled with the Atari Macro Assembler, and debugged with the Amoeba debugger.


    #Atari8bit #FujiNet Pokazany tutaj jest proces, którego używam do stworzenia drugiej wersji CIO handlera, napisanej w edytorze ACTION!, zmontowanej za pomocą Atari Macro Assembler, i debugowanej za pomocą Amoeba debugger.

    A more in depth video I made a few years ago:

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    • CommentTime30 Apr 2020
    @Thomas Cherryhomes THX! :]