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    • 1: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime25 Sep 2020
    Because I am the absolute worst programmer in the world and maybe even worse, I would like to ask if there is a universal demotool creator for PC that can create a program executable on atari. Nothing demanding. Something in the sense of:
    1. Upload CMC or CMS music :)
    2. Upload an image (some compatible atari format)
    3. upload the font
    4. upload scroll text in txt format
    5. save xex

    thats all folks :)

    I found some demo tools here on the page, but they are just broken. When I managed to record cmc music, it didn't play properly again (it was from cmc 2.0 or rzog cmc). the image can only be from the Desing master or it was not possible to write scroll :(

    thank you for the advice or help :)
    • 2: CommentAuthorpirx
    • CommentTime25 Sep 2020
    not yet!
    • 3: CommentAuthorastrofor
    • CommentTime25 Sep 2020
    should be easy to implement. Upload image would require some www service. I would do it as a docker container project in docker hub, then you would get one liner demo generator without any external service and instalator. If you have a docker in your computer you would make one command which generate for you default cmc file, default image , and default text file, after modify therese files you just run command again and you got your demo in xex file. What i need is implementation of this simple demo in mad pascal. Any volunteer ?
    • 4:
    • CommentTime25 Sep 2020 zmieniony
    This can be done on Atari by using Animator program (for scroll/font/text) and Chaos Music Composer for music.

    I don't remember the program name but it was part of the Animator package (from LK Avalon).

    *edit* It was Demo Maker.