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Vanilla 1.1.4 jest produktem Lussumo. Więcej informacji: Dokumentacja, Forum.

    it occurs to me that it should be possible to modify this game for fujinet:


    There is a file version in the homesoft collection that could be used as a starting point.

    Basically it would need four things:

    (0) a screen to connect to host or listen on port 6502.

    (1) send the maze data from player 1 to player 2 (no translation or anything needed, just SIO WRITE the buffer, the other side just SIO READs it into the same place.)

    (2) only send joystick changes

    (3) automatically select 2 player, and have player 1 select invader or defender.

    If I'm right, the result should be highly playable. :)

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    • CommentTime11 Dec 2020 zmieniony
    It is possible that (I haven't looked into a game) if labirynth is generated starting with some seed and random generator is used instead of pokey's RANDOM register (if not, it's easy to mimic this) it would be sufficient to send the seed only throughout the net.

    _AND_ convert the game to draw only one view so it would be twice as quick :)
    And my experience tells me that further 2x acceleration is possible by code tweaking.

    _AND_ joystick movement would be insufficient, because of frame drawing fluctuations, network delays etc, position and direction is more prone to drifts.

    Unless there is a dedicated host that maintains game logic only (may be on either machine) since it is very light and quick and gathers joystick through net and sends back position and direction in the maze.

    This attitude could make more players possible than two.
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    • CommentTime11 Dec 2020
    Maybe we should look at the earlier Sirius game - do not remember the name, it is a bit simpler than CTF.
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    • CommentTime11 Dec 2020
    This game with Smiley as opponent...
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    • CommentTime11 Dec 2020
    jak coś w temacie ruszy to może będzie pretekst do zakupu Fuji neta ... ech może kiedyś Zybex,albo Archon ... no genialnie było by w sobotni poranek pyknąć z innym Atarowcem na Atarynkach po sieci w jakąś gierę ...
    pirx - You may be thinking of Wayout, which is not two player.

    This game also will allow us to work out potential issues with display list interrupts, and if servicing SIO will ultimately cause the display to distort (and if we can get around it by carefully setting CRITIC, etc.)

    and yes, we may need to send more info across to synchronize, the trick is to try to send as little data as possible, because any data transfer will stop the game for the duration of the transfer.

    As an aside, The ONLY reason I am not taking this on myself, is because I'm knee deep in rewriting the N: firmware (this does not affect current users), and I have written multiple example programs showing how to do the necessary traffic. Despite this, I am still trying to instigate attempting to solve these problems.

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    • CommentTime30 Dec 2020
    Capture the Flag! Good choice!