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    #Atari8bit #FujiNet on, I have updated fnc-tools.atr to have new relocatable N: handler. The DOS directory now contains more than a dozen DOSes with fnc-tools on them.
    The DOSes that have been tested with the N: handler are:
    * Atari DOS 2.0S/DOS 2.0D
    * Atari DOS 2.5
    * Atari DOS 3
    * BeweDOS
    * MyDOS 4.5
    * OSS DOS XL 2.30p
    * OSS DOS XL 2.30X (XL version)
    * OSS OS/A+ 2.10
    * OSS OS/A+ 4.10
    * ICD SpartaDOS 1.1HS
    * ICD SpartaDOS 3.2d
    * Eclipse TOP-DOS 1.5
    * Turbo-DOS XE
    * XDOS 2.43

    (While SpartaDOS X will load the N: handler, and applications can use it, the command processor will not be able to use it, until we write a proper driver for it.)

    Got one you want to try? Make a system master disk, and if it works, we’ll fold it into the DOS directory on atari-apps.