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    I am needing to consistently poll time in BASIC for a patched version of FoReM-26M BBS I am releasing. However, when I try to execute the following inside a USR ADR string, it crashes, why?

    PLA           ; needed for USR
    LDA $D301
    AND #$FE
    STA $D301
    JSR $FFC0
    STA $D301

    • 2: CommentAuthormono
    • CommentTime28 Feb 2021
    It should be:
    AND #$FE

    instead of
    AND $FE
    yeah, that was a typo, still crashes for some reason.

    the machine code winds up being

    68 AD 01 D3 48 29 FE 8D 01 D3 20 C0 FF 68 8D 01 D3 60

    which I convert to decimal and then read out using a small stub to create the X=USR(ADR("")) string...
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    • CommentTime1 Mar 2021
    I guess it crashes because you are disabling the OS without disabling IRQs and NMIs.