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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime3 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    I hope things can get easily solved.
    I'm planning some special stuff.
    Doing some simple animations, using charset and charmode.
    I'd need a simple way to create the "animation".
    Of course Graph 2 Font should be the solution to create that animations.
    It's about a 100 character screen and the related stored screen alignment of the characters.

    The idea is to have every animation step in a 1K boundary.
    100 chars (800 bytes) for the graphics and 7 lines of charmode 4 or 5 .
    Depending on the memory usage, from 1K to 32K might be usable.
    How complex would it be to save such a format to disk, directly with Graph2Font?
    • 2: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime11 Mar 2022
    Who can answer me the question?
    I'm searching for a tool that is directly saving the image data to an Atari compatible form.
    • 3:
    • CommentTime11 Mar 2022
    Your question is kinda unclear. But it probably needs simple converter for font+charmap generated from G2F.
    • 4:
    • CommentTime11 Mar 2022
    Emkay - I'm afraid there is no such tool. And either someone will write them or you will have to struggle with the conversion yourself (G2F + something else).
    • 5: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime12 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    It's really strange.
    But somehow a curse on the Atari.
    I'm writing a beat sensitive RMT player and want just to load a special animation that fits to the used tune.

    Here the Work In Progress...

    • 6: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime17 Mar 2022
    Other question :)

    Is there a tool available that simply stores some graphics at
    320x200 pixels 2 colors to a raw file or similar, writing it to the Atari register compatible alignment?
    • 7:
    • CommentTime17 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    There ->link<-

    Gimp for example reads and writes such files. There are netpbm command-line tools.
    This is almost what you need.

    Especialy pbm - one bit per pixel. You can create them without any knowledge, programatically, for example by print command in BASIC.
    • 8: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime17 Mar 2022

    Thanks for the information.
    • 9: CommentAuthormrk
    • CommentTime17 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    @emkay @jhusak
    I like xpm as intermediate format for such things, especially if you are coding in C. The image is simple C array initialized with image data, readable in any text editor - so you can compile and link this image as C code :) And a lot of graphics programs / command line utilities support it too.

    Example: ->link<- - after lowering font size you will see whole image as an ascii art.

    Such image can't be embeded directly because of this not optimal encoding (2 bits stored in single byte), but writing converter to destination format is as simple as: ->link<-
    • 10:
    • CommentTime17 Mar 2022
    @emkay for bw gfx you can also use .bmp format, you just need to skip first 62 bytes:
    ins 'artwork/font4x4s.bmp',+62

    the trick - bmp is stored by lines down to top, so you need to flip the picture horizontally :]
    • 11: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Mar 2022

    Thanks. This works well :)
    • 12: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Mar 2022
    Some funny combination ;)

    • 13: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime20 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    Well, it is possible to do funny and strange things with b/w images. Like "to the beat" dancing spiders ;)

    But colored images might bring more flexibility.
    • 14:
    • CommentTime20 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    Emkay, sparkling colors are good, but hold the changing with locking it in DLI for the equalizer and info part of the screen...
    • 15: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime20 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    I did read your comment forward and backward, but I don't get what you want.
    Could you rephrase pls?
    • 16:
    • CommentTime21 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    Oh, sorry; on your last clip everything looks fine. Probably I missed it or You put it parallel to my post.
    • 17: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime23 Mar 2022
    Still in learning progress, how to handle the available software :)
    • 18:
    • CommentTime24 Mar 2022
    Emkay - maybe it's time to change the title of a thread? Since TeBe can't or won't respond, it's better to define what the content of the thread is.
    • 19: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Mar 2022
    How o rename the thread?
    OK. It's about tools that put graphics to a atari compatible file, and to load it directly to the memory.
    • 20:
    • CommentTime24 Mar 2022
    I changed it for you :)
    • 21: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Mar 2022
    • 22:
    • CommentTime25 Mar 2022 zmieniony
    Dzięki mrk, nie znałem tego o xpm, a to bardzo użyteczne, można w vimie obrazki robić :)