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    • CommentTime20 Aug 2022 zmieniony
    Wrzucam w "inne", żeby znowu nie było "ale to nie do Atari".

    Dzisiaj dostałem w mailu taką zacną zajawkę darmowego kursu. Myślę, że każdej lamie takiej jak ja to się przyda:

    Here are this week's five links that are worth your time:

    1. Learn C Programming by reading the classic book by C's creators, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan. In this cover-to-cover read-along, University of Michigan professor Dr. Chuck will guide you through the book, adding his own commentary as a developer and computer scientist. Dr. Chuck has also prepared a number of coding exercises that you can work through to solidify your understanding of key C concepts. You'll learn Operators, Control Flow, Input/Output, and C data structures including Pointers. This is a deep dive into one of the most widely-used languages in the world, as it was first taught nearly 50 years ago. (10 hour YouTube course): ->link<-

    [... cut the other four ... ]

    As you may know, freeCodeCamp is a public charity. We're able to pay for all 103 of our web servers each month thanks to the support of kind folks like you. If you aren't donating yet, I encourage you to join us and support our mission: ->link<-

    Quote of the Week: “C retains the basic philosophy that programmers know what they are doing. It only requires that they state their intentions explicitly.” — Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan, creators of the C programming language. This quote comes from the same book that Dr. Chuck covers in the course I mentioned above.

    Happy coding.

    - Quincy Larson

    Teacher at ->link<-

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    • CommentTime23 Aug 2022
    Na Atari też są implementacje języka C, więc "to jest poniekąd do Atari" :D