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    • 1: CommentAuthorCyprian
    • CommentTime14 Sep 2022 zmieniony
    Olivier Landemarre wypuścił właśnie pełną wersję MyAES 0.98 (wraz z toolbarem Yopla)

    AES (Application Environment Services) jest kluczową częścią systemu operacyjnego TOS/GEM dla dużego Atari i klonów.

    MyAES jest jednym z dwóch (obok XaAES) rozwijanych zamienników dla Atari AES.

    Zmiany w wersji MyAES 0.98:
    - Fix default windframe (possible crash)
    - Fix iconified window redraw and clipping issue
    - Fix shutdown with MyAES now no more crash
    - Fix possible overload with appl_search()
    - Fix parameters pass to TOS program
    - Fix text under icon on taskbar
    - Fix env pass to application launch
    - Fix appl_control to hide unhide windows (now taskbar work), Yopla have been fixed
    - Fix shell launch application as other AES do, now GBE receive CH_EXIT messsage
    - Fix lost of focus on form_alert for application without menu
    - Fix possible crash on popup menu
    - Fix edit field to work with Netsurf
    - Fix resolution change
    - appl_control(APC_INFO,..) no return if application is hide or not
    - Fix issue shel_write() if X11 server was running
    - Fix default directory for application launch by shel_write()
    - Fix possible selected icon redraw
    - More nice disable icon redraw
    - remove option "flying_menu_fix"
    - Fix language in English file selector
    - Fix app_conf.cnf configuration for Taskbar
    - Possible quit MyAES without doing shutdown
    - Better multitask when an application do intensive use of VDI

    YOPLA :
    - Better Yopla popup position
    - Better reactivity when hide to wake up
    - Add Thing group support with auto.grp support like taskbar, please check readme for use

    Interesująca jest droga rozwoju MyAES
    MyAES Roadmap up to 1.0:
    - MyAES have been highly modified this last years around the event kernel 0.96 to 0.98 that need after do a lot of fix, now I not plane to do significative change on it so next versions should be more easy.
    - Stop any development on MyAES for several month, my spare time will be to work on V4SA but as I need do a lot of test with MyAES I will probably do some change for compatibility

    * MyAES 0.99 (goal end 2023):
    - Add new feature for developers to broke some limits of GEM (I think to resource file) and write tool to be able use it - some source code will come with to be able use it on other AES such "Interface" propose it in the past.
    - Continue to progress in compatibility with less friendly GEM application (work already start with 0.98 version)
    - Try if possible run in single mode (without preemptive multitask) - this point is for fun if not possible perhaps never come
    - Clean windows layer code ! (really a mess!)
    - Continue fix bugs
    - Try add Wdialog PDLG extension not yet include to MyAES

    * MyAES 1.0 (Goal end 2024):
    - Continue work on compatibility with less friendly GEM application
    - Fix bugs
    - No new feature, no rewrite anything!
    - Do a good documentation and a list of application tested with option to use it
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    • CommentTime17 Nov 2022
    Czy ktoś podejmował się podmiany TOSowego AESa na jeden z tychże?
    • 3: CommentAuthorCyprian
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2022
    na razie nie działa pod TOS, ale OL ma to w planach:
    * MyAES 0.99 (goal end 2023):
    - Try if possible run in single mode (without preemptive multitask) - this point is for fun if not possible perhaps never come

    Tutaj znajdziesz minimalną wersję MiNT i MyAES dla ST, niestety wymaga 14MB RAM:
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    • CommentTime17 Nov 2022
    Dzięki wielkie, to będzie dla mnie już użyteczne - core Atari do MiST'a pozwala się uruchomić z 14mb chipramu.