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    Hello all.

    I am in the middle of writing the FujiNet User's Guide.

    Part 2 of the user's guide is a Programming Guide, showing how to use the FujiNet in multiple programming languages, doing the same examples in each language, as a sort of Rosetta Stone.

    I know more than a few of you spend lots of time in MAD Pascal, could you take the examples I have written in the other languages, and write Pascal examples?

    The repository for the manual is here:

    And the manual is being written in Docbook XML (version 5.1).

    • 2: CommentAuthorbartgo
    • CommentTime31 Mar 2024
    For Forth, I have volunteered on Discord as a reviewer but eventually might be able to proceed with the chapter itself. It won't be IMMEDIATE (Forth pun intended, LOL) and I can imagine it taking 2-3 months minimum. I am interested in using some of the FN features in Forth myself, with the motivation I expect to succeed.
    What would be helpful, would be to take the pattern I established in the other chapters, and apply it to FORTH.