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    • CommentTime4 Apr 2019
    Peter Meyer poinformował na fejsie, że pracuje nad nową grą o roboczej nazwie "Quantum Fox":

    Here is the latest video of my game, a clone of a popular arcade game. The working title is Quantum Fox. I am currently working on adding some extra features for it like different enemies going around the screen, power ups, ability to move diagonally. etc. (...) I would wish to thank you for showing interest in this game that we will be marketing soon. Due to the events over the last few months I have decided that this will be my last Atari 8-bit game for awhile. I will be making an announcement on here when the game is ready. I had some other games very partially completed that will need to be put on hold indifferently.

    I will remain on hand to assist Lance with porting more of my games over to the Atari 5200. Getting them debugged and making sure they are in good working order.

    I will be monitoring my own group and Atari.IO for any support questions that are posted.

    • 2: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime4 Apr 2019
    gra wygląda na grywalną, chętnie zagram
    Reminds me of "Parallax" by London Software...