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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Apr 2023
    come on guys...
    Some proposals....
    My ideas get extincted... ;)
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    • CommentTime19 Apr 2023
    tekkno with bass and we are golden:)
    • 3: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 Apr 2023

    Proposal for a fitting MOD ?
    • 4: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime25 Apr 2023
    ninja pokey or pokey park?

    • 5:
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    Where's bass line?
    Bass should 'drive' this song.

    Adam Gilmore needed only three channels to become Atari's World Champion until end of the world and one day longer.
    Of course without those ultra-hyper-mega sounds.
    • 6: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023 zmieniony
    Adam Gilmore did at least some real and good tunes on the Atari.
    My edit has more basses inside than every tunes on Gilmore together.

    I guess, you like the 16 bit bass-guitar sound used in his tunes.
    I chosed it this way, because the melodic part needs more attention.
    Also, there are still features missing in dxRMT.
    rensoupp tends to add stuff only , if he recognizes the issues.
    I could do a next edit of it, removing the tracker commands from the basses and make them typically stiff....
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    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    1:54 OMG...
    • 8:
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    Nice msx for me.
    • 9:
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023 zmieniony
    My edit has more basses inside than every tunes on Gilmore together.
    I spit up monitor :D
    Record a video of this song again, but mute everything except bass.

    If this is how all future works for POKEY are to sound, I see it badly.

    I guess, you like the 16 bit bass-guitar sound used in his tunes.
    I like any bass, and 16bit and not, but it must be.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but Gilmore, Munns, Whitaker or Hubbard made great tunes on ''lousy'' sounds and that's what you want to listen to endlessly. This thing with ''ultra-hyper-mega'' crappy sounds, you can't even listen to the end.

    If this is how songs sounded on Atari in the 80/90s, no one would remember POKEY today.
    • 10: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    "If this is how songs sounded on Atari in the 80/90s, no one would remember POKEY today. "

    Put it vice versa.
    If POKEY tunes sounded that way, People would remember POKEY today.

    But, if you ask people from outside the "8 Bits" , no one knows POKEY.
    It's just all that new stuff that makes people listening.
    • 11: CommentAuthorkraczaj
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    There surely are little new productions on Atari 8bit, but you can't call crap being nice, not bad or so. I, myself, made some crappy soft in the late 90s, bit it was what it was. A crap. Create and maybe once it won't be crap anymore.
    • 12: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    What's really annoying in the Atari 8 bits scene is this nagging.
    I did 100s of POKEY tunes that have been named to be impossible at all.
    And the development always gets thwarted by "Oh, I don't like the music style" ...

    Even if the tune is perfect , you find someone blaming "one second at 0.35 ... or elsewhere ...on the ears" ....
    Particular the last tune plays sounds that were still impossible to recreate for everyone of you.
    But .... it doesn't sound "as I like" ...

    Think what you like...
    rensoupp also has recognized that POKEY programming doesn't really lack by the features of the chip...
    • 13: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023 zmieniony
    The tune is not perfect.
    But it shows the potential of the possible.
    Now that dxRMT is supporting MOD Tracker commands, some real synth programming is available to the Atari.
    The tun IS NOT the C64 tune. It is the AMIGA 4 channel tune.
    And the tune plays real 4 channels.
    We really have some problem about "expectations".
    For some weird cause, people use the Atari but expect C64 sounds.
    What to say?
    The tune does something, SID seems not capable of.
    You have "bad moods" and "good moods" in the tune. Then the good mood, gets disturbed by some very evil.
    This is what the Amiga version clearly offers. And, it is given within the real small Atari, to replay this.
    The SID version is nice to listen, but this "good was suffering by an evil stroke" , you get in a minor task.
    And, it is possible , even if the software still misses essential features.
    • 14: CommentAuthorkraczaj
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    You probably don't care much about others opinions and that's fine. Have a fun writing your tracks but let us criticize if it sounds off. It may be technically flawless, which probably it is, it just lacks good melodies. But as I said before, have fun and improve :)
    • 15: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    Why don't you create the perfect POKEY tunes, if you know it all?

    Also: If something is "technically flawless", there is no point to blame.
    Not sure, what you're taste in "melodies" is, but 99% of the POKEY tunes miss the melodic part.
    • 16: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Apr 2023
    The funniest part of your post was :
    "You probably don't care much about others opinions and that's fine."

    I'm actually doing ports of EVERY different available "music style" to possibly fit anyone's taste.
    I'd bet, you don't find anyone else on this planet doing anything near....
    • 17:
    • CommentTime27 Apr 2023
    I judge what I hear. I don't know much about music and technical details, but I know if something sounds good to me or not. Emkay's songs are often interesting or have elements that I like (e.g. those sounds from 1.45 in the song above).

    I really like Emkay's work because he tries to create something new and different. There are so many boring songs and copies on the demoscene... So if these are some kind of experiments, they should be treated as experiments, for example, the melody is of secondary importance.

    Anyway, if I got such music for my games, it would still sound better than a significant part of the currently created "correct" songs. And in the 80s/90s? It would be a hit with unknown, strange sounds! :)
    • 18: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime27 Apr 2023
    Something with bass guitar....

    • 19: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime10 May 2023
    dxRMT could still be optimized.
    Forming the PWM pulses is still not "active", as the shaping of the Pulses needs to be correlated with the tracker commands .

    • 20:
    • CommentTime12 May 2023
    Unfortunately, all these musics are horribly false. It's not for my ears.
    • 21: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime12 May 2023
    What's your musically taste?
    • 22:
    • CommentTime13 May 2023
    @emkay - It's not my taste, I am just objective. I have musical education and I can really hear false tones. I appreciate looking for interesting and unusual sounds, but they have to harmonize together.
    • 23: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime13 May 2023 zmieniony
    Fun part?
    Every time you guys blame my tunes to be off for some reason, my subscriber count is growing.

    You guys still mix up musical correctness with musical taste.
    • 24:
    • CommentTime13 May 2023
    As Alex writes, it's not a matter of musical taste or correctness.
    It's a lack of elementary harmony.

    Sometimes it just hurts the ears.
    • 25:
    • CommentTime14 May 2023
    Nice conversion, thanks Emkay!
    • 26:
    • CommentTime14 May 2023
    Pecuś is right. It's all about the harmony. I have nothing against your experiments :)
    • 27: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime14 May 2023 zmieniony
    I'd really like to analyze your taste in music.
    Pls. give me some examples.
    I'll try to put them to the new programming features.
    • 28:
    • CommentTime14 May 2023 zmieniony
    @Kaz, takim komentarzem utwierdzasz emkay'a, że jest 'dobrze' a nie jest.
    Z jego komentarza można wysnuć wniosek, że rosnąca ilość subskrybentów obniża jego poziom słuchu :)

    Alex wrote what the problem is.
    I like among others: Avenged Sevenfold, Deep Forest, Kitaro and KajaGooGoo, etc., and what about it?
    • 29:
    • CommentTime15 May 2023
    XLent - pozwól, że sam określę, czy coś mi się podoba czy nie. Na szczęście nie muszę się doszukiwać "harmonii", koniecznie z poczuciem wyższości, więc mam łatwiej :).
    • 30: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime15 May 2023
    It's all about musical taste.
    There are given limits by the chip.
    Since VinsCool did the notation correction, POKEY music is as clean as it never has been before.
    Meanwhile I'm getting reactions from SID musicians how cool POKEY can sound and how to learn that....
    But still two things have to be fixed.
    1. We still need some "polycounter bass development tool" in any POKEY tracker.
    2. The corellation of wavelength setting to the tracker commands.
    • 31:
    • CommentTime15 May 2023
    Emkay - I understand very well what an experiment means :). One of the characteristics of the experiment is accepting unperfection, so keep going!
    • 32: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 May 2023 zmieniony
    What does perfection really mean?
    There are tunes on my channel that were 100 % correct musically.
    But they sometimes get 0 likes.
    And there are tunes that unexpected reach high feedback.

    Particular this one is rather suspicous.
    It is not nearly corrected to musical terms, but it sounds correct to what people expect.

    184 likes for a REAL POKEY tune.... no CPU wasting, no 2 POKEY fake...

    Pls check youtube for something similar. ;)
    • 33: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 May 2023 zmieniony
    This tune has some precious moments in it.
    But there are parts where the PWM could fit better.
    dxRMT is SO close...

    • 34:
    • CommentTime17 May 2023
    emkay: The last conversion is really nice (except a little part of it). Experimental instruments sound better with harmony ;)
    • 35: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 May 2023
    About Polycounter "tool".
    The only way to have some real deep sounds in 64kHz clocking is to use 2 channels with different pitches on the Polycounter basses.
    The problem is the volume then.
    In some tunes it is to handle manually. The correct bass sound is to set the volume on the related channels per note.
    Once set, it WILL work for all 4 channel tunes with 2 bass channels.
    Imagine this tune with a clean volume definition at the basses.
    Reminder: It uses vibrato on the basses. Not possible with polycounter 16 bit bass

    • 36: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime18 May 2023
    awesome conversions emkay, could you share .xex files of "alibi" as well as "AHA take on me"?
    • 37: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 May 2023
    check them out...
    • 38: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 May 2023
    • 39: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime19 May 2023
    thanks a lot!
    • 40: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 May 2023
    About "harmonics" ....
    Looking through several YT Vids, I found that my definition is correct.
    People, who chase the "perfect chord" , miss the reality.

    Watch this vid as some example.
    People play "the correct" chord, but in that way it never went to get a superhit.

    Reminder: "ROCK" is a descendant of Jazz. And Jazz is defined, using "detuning" ...

    All those "Superhits" use a "safe" degree of detuning.
    Without the detuning, no one would have listended to them.
    • 41: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime21 May 2023
    • 42: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime2 Jun 2023
    Like or not ?

    • 43:
    • CommentTime2 Jun 2023
    i like it very much. does not sound poky.
    • 44: CommentAuthorrosomak
    • CommentTime2 Jun 2023
    Beta choice sounds very good
    • 45: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime7 Jun 2023
    • 46: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime8 Jun 2023
    hm.... 2

    • 47: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime9 Jun 2023
    emkay: those are Atari sounds, not pC music, pls attach .xex files when you show something new
    • 48:
    • CommentTime9 Jun 2023 zmieniony
    I still claim that you @Alex and @emkay are talking about two different things.

    @alex: some tunes are out of tune and this is a pain for ears.
    @emkay: out of harmony and it is good if makes good impression

    However @emkay, some of your msx ARE OUT OF tune, no doubt; and no "slightly nice intentional detuned", to be clear. I know POKEY is not perfect tuned chip, but there are ways to mask or walkaround this "feature".
    • 49:
    • CommentTime9 Jun 2023
    @emkay hearing pokey band i thought you might be playing comic bakery :)
    • 50: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime9 Jun 2023 zmieniony
    Yes there are a lot similatities in the notation.
    The bass row seems to be the same .

    Somehow it sounds like "Disco Band" and "Comic Bakery" also in the sounding style.

    Scotch - Disco Band 1984
    Comic Bakery C64 1986