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Vanilla 1.1.4 jest produktem Lussumo. Więcej informacji: Dokumentacja, Forum.

    And there is "Disk Duplication" to a) copy disks with 90k-720k (with 40 tracks, 80 tracks and also 77 tracks) or b) sector copy 720-60,xxx sectors (65,535 never worked, think somewhere between 60,000 and 64,000 sectors the program stopped copying).

    The original program came without any speeder or ramdisk/xram setup, so I put it on a MyDOS 4.55 disk and added a ramdisk driver (for up to 1MB XRAM) and an ultraspeed driver (this uses RAM under the OS and is NOT reset-proof). The ultraspeed driver could be easily exchanged with an XF-highspeed driver (afaik, both drivers are from Bob Woolley).

    Disk Duplication does not verify a disk or written data however. To do so, you simply have to read/copy the disk again. (But maybe it does, if MyDOS is set to verify = on, option "V" in the MyDOS menu ? I simply set verify = on, you have to test yourself if this works for Disk Duplication 2.0 also.)
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    • CommentTime6 Jul 2024
    Great thanks CharlieChaplin :)
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    • CommentTime7 Jul 2024
    Super. Czyli żeby skopiować całą dyskietkę 720k sektor po sektorze jakie opcje trzeba wybrać?
    1) Copymate 3.8:
    for 720k copy:
    - TAB for 80 tracks
    - Return for DSDD
    - START to start copying the 720k diskette
    - V for Verify on/off
    - F for format disk on/off
    - S, D to change source and destination drive
    (for 90k/130k/180k disks just press START, for 360k disks press Return, then START; for 720k press TAB, then Return, then START)

    2) Disk Duplication 2.0:
    - to use XRAM choose option 3) ramdisk first
    - type in ramdisk number (e.g. 8)
    - ramdisk/XRAM size will be detected automatically
    (less disk-swaps!)
    for 720k copy:
    - Copy Whole Disk (option 1)
    - 80 tracks/ds (option 4)
    - double density (option 2)
    - input source drive (1-8)
    - input destination drive (1-8)
    - format destination (Y or N)
    - display sector data (Y or N)
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    • CommentTime7 Jul 2024
    And if you want to use XF-highspeed with Disk Duplication 2.0 do the following:

    - copy the XF-highspeed driver onto the diskette
    - rename ULTRASPD.AR1 into *.AUT or *.COM or *.XEX
    - rename XFHIGH.AUT into *.AR1

    MyDOS will now try to load the XF-highspeed driver (and if successfull, it will be used with DISK Duplication 2.0).
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      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime7 Jul 2024