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    • CommentTime13 Nov 2018 zmieniony
    thanx a lot for your input! That helped to put some info into our ATARIKI knowledge base and put info in order. :)

    So I hope you will upload some sound-monitors here.
    For the coding stuff, sure it will be helpful to have players for German music-editors, but I am no coder unfortunately. :( There should have been a way to do this since CSS and Benjy (and others) were able to use it in their demos! ;o :)
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    • CommentTime13 Nov 2018

    I already posted all T.K. programs I have above (with google translate the postings get numbers, so I posted all T.K. stuff in post nr. #27 named above)...

    - TKS Sound Monitor = Soundmonitor Professional, available in the above as mono and patched stereo version

    - TKS Macro Assembler 130XE+ = T.K. Macro Assembler V2.1 also available in the above

    Here you can find the Benjy Soundmonitor V1.9 for download, as well as a german PDF with instructions:


    scroll down, until you find the Benjy soundmonitor, you will also find several other nice application and utility programs there (e.g. Black Magic Composer + PDF manual, Atmas II + PDF manual, etc.)

    So I only have to look for the Pegasus Soundmonitor (appeared afair 1993 or 1994 after Benjy Soft splitted, Juergen Schildmann created it alone). It was released as an Abbuc special magazine...
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    • CommentTime21 Nov 2018 zmieniony
    Well... thanx a lot!

    As for "splitting" in BenjiSoft, why did it happen?
    As far as I remember Juergen promised to release (mysterious?) game PYRAMID. It was somehow announced in probably ABBUC Intro 20-22 I guess. What's about it?

    And is there
    Bomb Down by The Roemer (Markus Roemer)/U.N.O.
    available to see or even use? ;)

    Overall, there is a lack of broader info on some German groups like U.N.O., W.A.F, TOP-CREW etc. :(
    I would like to "memorize" them in our ATARIKI-base (thank to you I wrote about HOBBYTRONIC and HALLE PROJECT).

    I do not know why Benjysoft went seperate ways or splitted. But I also read about that Pyramid game in some demos and the players/testers reported that it was very good, alas I have never seen this game. So maybe the game was not officially released (and the testers had only pre-versions) or maybe it was released in extremely small quantity (by the author himself) ?!? Have to ask the Abbuc members at Abbuc forum if they know more about that game...

    Bomb Down by the Roemer of UNO (not Markus Roemer, his real name is Markus Witte) was released as a demo-version with two levels (levels 1 and 50) and a self-published commercial full version with 50 levels. ->link<-
    Since the author did not sell many full version disks, the original disks with the full version are hard to find. But several years later he gave his okay to release the full version on the Abbuc magazine, so it got released on a standard Abbuc magazine or a special Abbuc magazine...

    U.N.O. were the United Nightmares of Osnabrueck (do not remember all its members, this group does not exist anymore), W.A.F. were the Wuerzburger Atari Front (Friday-Soft, Wolfgang Freitag was one of the members; again, the group does not exist anymore). Both groups were named after german cities...

    The Top-Crew was from Halle and produced + published the german Top magazine (and organized the Halle Project) and also programmed several demos, tools and other things. They did split in the 90s (approx. 1994) and searched for someone who would continue the Top Magazine, this was Kaisersoft, Markus Roemer. He continued the magazine another two (or three?) years, but no longer as regularly as before. Why did they split ? Well, I heard some rumours...

    Today, there are very few Abbuc regional groups left, there is 1) the RAF (Regionalgruppe Abbuc Frankfurt/Main), 2) the RENO (REgionalgruppe NOrd), 3) the AIB (Abbuc in Berlin), 4) WASEO (Walkenried), 5) ReWe (Regionalgruppe West) and maybe one or two others. Some years ago the HAR (Hannover Abbuc Regionalgruppe) was very active, the members are still active today (including Mr. QMEG Stefan Dorndorf!), but afaik they do not have regular meetings anymore. The Montezuma can tell you more about them...

    In the past the RELAG (Ruhr Emscher Lippe ArbeitsGemeinschaft) and the ARGS (Abbuc RegionalGruppe Stuttgart) were very active, but they do not exist anymore. Me, I was active for some years in the regional group named SWAT (Sued West Atari Team), but that again does not exist anymore. SWAT was a joke name, since RAF is not only an abbreviation for Royal Air Force, but also for the (german) Rote Armee Fraktion, which are terrorists and SWAT is the anti-terrorist unit... ;-)
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    • CommentTime30 Aug 2022
    Could you pass some words about "Würzburger Atari Front (WAF)". It was subgroup of ABBUC, but did they make only two programs as it suggests: ->link<-
    Are they still active ? If not what has happened to them?
    I was writing one article for Atariki about them...