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    The Beta version of the The Last Word for VBXE is now avilable for download at
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    • CommentTime23 Jan 2010
    What will be the next big project? GEM-like OS? :D
    • 3: CommentAuthorpin
    • CommentTime24 Jan 2010
    WOW! :) - prezentuje się zajebiście, będę miał jednak kilka pytań, czy propozycji do autora w temacie funkcjonalności edytora :)
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    • CommentTime24 Jan 2010
    Pinek: napisz tutaj, przetłumaczymy Panu. :)
    Let's hear those suggestions: there is quite a bit of code space left.

    Draco suggested I change the cut and paste shortcuts to windows compatible ones (ctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, etc), and I think that's sensible.

    As for the GEM OS, I'm hoping to do some more work on it this week. Time has been taken up recently with hardware mods and getting the LW VBXE beta working.
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    • CommentTime24 Jan 2010
    Ja sadze, ze Pinek nie poswiecil ani minuty na przeczytanie instrukcji, a tam jest mnostwo odpowiedzi :D. Wiem, bo sam najpierw lecialem z pytaniami, zamiast przeczytac :P
    Just translated that... LOL.
    • 8: CommentAuthorpin
    • CommentTime24 Jan 2010
    Kaz - a ja sądzę, że jeśli kombinacja klawiszy opisana w HLP nie działa, to należy się zapytać autora: "dlaczego" :):P
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    • CommentTime24 Jan 2010
    No to dawaj pytania, przy okazji inni beda mogli sprawdzic, czy u nich tez nie dziala.
    Exactly. English forums are pretty quiet at the moment, so any feedback is welcome. Here's an opportunity to have a say in the design of the only VBXE text editor that exists for now.
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    • CommentTime25 Jan 2010
    Let's add link to your webpage (you know, modern people = lazy people, no direct link = no testing ;D)

    Thanks Kaz: how do you place a link in forum posts here, by the way?

    I've just received a list of suggestions via email (via Miker) from Pin/Tristesse. Some very good ideas in there, especially introducing a menu system to take some of the weight off the keyboard shortcuts. With VBXE, we have the valuable ability to show reverse video characters by using the colour attributes. My approach would be to then use the extra 128 characters as border/dithering characters with which to draw nice looking menus. We don't have this ability with the 3.x versions of LW, which had in any case run out of memory. Having said that, I think I'll be carrying many of the innovations in the VBXE edition of LW back to the "standard" version after a few months of development. I think the keyboard shortcut and mapping system is in need of another look, in particular.

    I've started work on the new GUI, too, and hopefully somewhere down the line there'll be a marrying up of The Last Word, the GUI, and VBXE, all in one glorious WIMP based all-conquering word processor/text editor. It may take me a couple of years, though!
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    • CommentTime25 Jan 2010
    Just put the link, no bbcodes or html marks are needed.
    • 14: CommentAuthorpin
    • CommentTime26 Jan 2010
    Kaz - pobożne życzenia przekazałem do autora :) ...
    Got it: some of the wishes will surely come true. :)
    Apologies for the slow progress on the VBXE version of LW, but I'm also working on a "standard" version which doesn't use the shadow RAM and will be compatible with SpartaDOS 3.x, DOS XE, etc. It may also be able to handle text files of 32K in size or even larger. The only requirement will be that it has to run on at least a 128K machine.

    I'll probably end up adapting this version to work with VBXE as I believe support for disk based SpartaDOS to be of great importance.
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    • CommentTime6 Feb 2010


    Apologies for the slow progress on the VBXE version of LW

    No reason for that, standard version is more important!
    "Standard" version which doesn't use Shadow RAM is VERY difficult to do, mainly because code sits under text buffer. For that reason, it will take a bit longer. However, I'm working on a version which sits under the OS ROM, but also joins 2 extended banks together as a single text buffer. This version's progressing well, and will allow up to 10 x 32K text buffers on a 512K/1MB machine. Also in development is a multi level undo/redo facility (probably consuming another 2 extended banks).
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    • CommentTime15 Feb 2010
    Well... dozen of modern machines have a 320KB, maybe it should be considered too?
    • 20: CommentAuthorflashjazzcat
    • CommentTime15 Feb 2010 zmieniony
    It is, Kaz. If the machine only has 16 extended banks, the program will automatically set up as many buffers as it can, leaving enough spare for additional buffers and RAMdisks, etc. That's the way it works at the moment, and even if each buffer takes two banks, you'll just end up with half the number of buffers, but each buffer will be 32K instead of 16K.
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    • CommentTime15 Feb 2010


    the program will automatically set up as many buffers as it can

    This is what I desired to hear ;D. Thanks.
    • 22: CommentAuthorflashjazzcat
    • CommentTime16 Feb 2010 zmieniony
    Interim 3.11 update public beta is available at


    Includes new keyboard shortcuts and Polish fonts. See WHATSNEW.TXT and README.TXT on the disk image.
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    • CommentTime16 Feb 2010
    Where the heck is Polish "Ł"? ;-)
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    • CommentTime16 Feb 2010
    Cytat z WHATSNEW.TXT i README.TXT, bo warto sie zapoznac:


    Changes include:

    1. The eighty column screen refresh has been optimised and speeded up. Eighty column fonts are now pre-bit-shifted on loading, making rendering much quicker. This consumes an extra 512 bytes of memory. However, most of this has been recouped elsewhere.

    2. Keyboard shortcuts have been revised to mimic those of Windows applications. CTRL+X, CTRL+C and CTRL+V now default to cut, copy and paste respectively. Also, CTRL+P brings up the print dialogue. Preview (previously on CTRL+V) has been moved to SHIFT+CTRL+P, while "Exit to DOS" has been reassigned to CTRL+O (previously "Copy"). Note that this is a fundamental change actioned following feedback from users, and will require that macros written for previous versions of the program are modified accordingly.

    3. For European and other International users, the new "International Lock" keyboard state has been introduced. Pressing SHIFT+CTRL+CAPS toggles the function on and off, and it is signfied by "Int" on the status line. International Lock is like a tamed down version of Control Lock, and allows the typing of all CTRL+ALPHA characters (A-Z) without first pressing CTRL+ESCAPE. Most editing functions work as normal, although International Lock mode has to be turned off again to access functions attached to CTRL+A through CTRL+Z.

    4. The program is supplied with Polish fonts: PREGULAR.FNT and PREGULAR.F80.

    Bug Fixes:

    1. The change background colour feature didn't work properly in version 3.1. This problem has been rectified.

    2. In version 3.1, when editing a file which hasn't yet been loaded or saved, the edited text flag (*) would remain visible even if the text buffer contained no characters. This cosmetic annoyance has now been fixed. If you delete the last character in an unnamed file, the indicator disappears.

    3. The cursor location (accessed with CTRL+N) now displays the cursor position as an offset from the start of the file, with the first character as position 0 rather than 1 as in version 3.11.

    Other Features:

    I'd like to let this beta circulate for a while before deciding what - if any - changes will be made for the final release of LW 3.11, the last version which will support 64K machines. The new keyboard mode has various knock-on effects which haven't been addressed yet, most notably where macros are concerned. In particular, I'd like suggestions on the following:

    1. Should the "International Lock" mode also allow macros to enter control characters literally into the text? This is NOT the current behaviour: the effect on macro functionality would obviously be disastrous unless carefully designed.

    2. What other keyboard shortcuts should be changed? Should we open files with CTRL+O instead of CTRL+L?

    The final 3.11 release will be bundled with an extension which will automatically install a menu system on a 128K and above machine. I don't want to start compiling any add-ins until the executable is finalised.

    In the meantime, enjoy the 3.11 Beta. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Please email me with your views at

    Jon Halliday

    15 February 2010


    The following new shortcuts have been assigned:
    CTRL+C - Copy Text (Was Cut Text)
    CTRL+V - Paste Text (Was Print Preview)
    CTRL+X - Cut Text (was Exit to DOS)
    CTRL+O - Exit to DOS (Was Copy Text)
    SHIFT+CTRL+P - Preview Text (Was Print File)
    CTRL+P - Print File (Was Paste Text)

    CTRL+O and SHIFT+CTRL+P are by no means finalised, however.

    International Users: SHIFT+CTRL+CAPS works as an enhanced control lock (the cursor controls stil work).
    Thanks Kaz. ;-)

    I didn't design the Polish font. It was finalized after long consultation on these forums. If there's a problem or something is missing, please tell us about it and we'll get the problem fixed.
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    • CommentTime16 Feb 2010
    I found out, that there's a bug in the "international" mode. "Ł" may be obtained by pressing Ctrl-Esc/Ctrl-; but in that mode pressing Ctrl-; doesn't print it.
    • 27: CommentAuthorflashjazzcat
    • CommentTime16 Feb 2010 zmieniony
    Thanks - my oversight. International mode just lets CTRL+A to CTRL+Z through (also CTRL+,). I'll modify it. :)

    ...Fixed and working now.

    If bugs can be reported directly to, I'll have more chance of responding quickly. :D