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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime29 Jan 2022 zmieniony
    • 2: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime29 Jan 2022 zmieniony

    Why not.
    But you have to keep in mind that the actual RMT-player to the tune has to be used.
    • 3: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime1 Feb 2022
    For those who don't follow my YT channel ;)


    • 4: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime1 Feb 2022
    I'm really looking forward to Pokey Musicians , using the new possibilities.
    • 5:
    • CommentTime1 Feb 2022


    For those who don't follow my YT channel

    Share the link please.
    • 6: CommentAuthortatqoo
    • CommentTime1 Feb 2022

    If you teach us your findings then there is a chance that you can hear something. I am willing to learn. Do not hesitate to contact me.
    • 7: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime2 Feb 2022
    Just look at the latest RMT fork.
    Simply use the correct notes and put POKEY's optimal "frequency" generation in.
    It's that simple.
    In this tune, I just use 1.79MHz for the "Attack" of the instruments.
    The rest is 15kHz plus some "filter" Pulse width manipulations.
    It makes the "Banjo" played on a higher frequency, while the other instrument is played on the standard wave, sounding softer (like a Clarinet).

    • 8: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime2 Feb 2022 zmieniony
    VinsCool did a marvellous job to put ALL sound generators to the correct pitch allignment.

    It's saving tunes from the usage of "1000s" of different instruments, to create a POKEY tune.

    • 9: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 Feb 2022 zmieniony
    It's really nice when manipulations with POKEY get usable for a broad musical range.

    • 10: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime6 Feb 2022
    Imagine just one tune like this, back in the early 80s...

    • 11: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime9 Feb 2022 zmieniony
    Lucky 4 voices.
    • 12: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime10 Feb 2022
    • 13: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime13 Feb 2022
    How about some "beep" to "rmt" converter ?

    • 14:
    • CommentTime15 Feb 2022
    From the list of recently given songs, I like "Fahrstuhl Music", "Lord Passive" and "Coborod".

    Emkay - do you have plans to present these songs on demoscene or any game?
    • 15: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime15 Feb 2022
    You know the riddle about musical taste :)
    Well, you also might know that I'm doing MOD conversions.
    Most of them were free to use and some seem to have some copyright owners.
    The tune "Fahrstuhl Music" is originally the Highscore tune from Wizball, and YT claims that :D
    As there no other original exist on the Atari, of course they could be used for any game or demo.
    If people ask for some...
    • 16:
    • CommentTime15 Feb 2022
    I asked and emkay delivered! There MIGHT be musik in scorch.
    • 17: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 Feb 2022
    This one counts as "not possible"... ;) ... keep in mind, it is 4 channels and 50Hz programming

    • 18: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 Feb 2022
    I should complete the soundtrack of this game.
    Using different POKEY features in everytune :)

    • 19: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Feb 2022
    relaxed 4 channels :)

    • 20: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 Feb 2022

    last one sounds too flat?

    how about this one.
    btw. : It seems, I'm on a 4 channel trip ;)

    • 21: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime20 Feb 2022 zmieniony
    Some more "Metal" ?

    • 22: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime25 Feb 2022
    Patched player :D

    • 23: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Feb 2022
    Real 4 channels
    And it's never using "special" POKEY settings.
    Just 64kHz plus the available Generators.

    • 24: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime27 Feb 2022
    I'm always curious.
    So here is something completely different :)

    • 25: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 Jun 2022
    Here are some of my sound experiments (and my custom "beat detecting" RMT player) ....

    • 26: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime23 Jun 2022
    Latest arrangement using my music sensitive player...

    • 27: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 Jul 2022
    pushing the thread ;)

    • 28: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime17 Jul 2022

    one channel "SID" like bass
    one channel "Chippy sound"
    one channel "arpeggios"

    4 channel tune?!

    • 29:
    • CommentTime18 Jul 2022
    cool tunez!
    • 30: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 Jul 2022

    I'd really like to check some of those SID tunes that were based on a similar creation.
    Importing SIDs to RMT is still not funny.
    • 31: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Jul 2022
    4 channel matters.
    Youtube claims (C) for "Nothing Else Matters Instrumental" ;D

    • 32: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime23 Sep 2022
    some Filter playing around. Using the RMT features....

    • 33: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime25 Sep 2022
    hmmm... I should have posted the last one to the SID/POKEY thread.
    As this tune sounds totally unclamped.
    SID simply cannot to this ...
    • 34: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime28 Oct 2022
    How about some medieval pizza for dinner?

    • 35: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime9 Nov 2022
    We'd really need some extra development tool for the "Polycounter bass" sounds .
    As this type of sounds isn't really random, it can be manipulated to bring "wanted" sounds...

    • 36: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime13 Nov 2022
    Playing with the Polycounters....

    • 37: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime17 Nov 2022
    Manipulating the Polycounters can be fun ;)

    • 38:
    • CommentTime18 Nov 2022
    @emkay that tune sounds cool, good direction
    • 39: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Nov 2022
    • 40: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime22 Nov 2022
    Hardcore :D

    • 41:
    • CommentTime22 Nov 2022
    Emkay - quite interesting. Why don't you enter competitions, like Silly Venture, etc.?
    • 42:
    • CommentTime22 Nov 2022
    Actully, some Emkay's music would fit into sv's msx-compo standard. :)
    • 43: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime26 Nov 2022 zmieniony
    I never planned to take part in such contests.
    My goal is to get the best possible music out of POKEY as it is possible in a stock Atari, and the music has to be usable in any project (Games or Demos) .
    Also, as I'm not a "professional musician", I always look for fitting resources from Amiga Mods.
    Rules almost want some "original".

    So there are many hurdless :)

    But, if you'd like to listen to my newest experiment.
    It's using the side noise of the polycounter sounds, to resemble side sounds of samples...
    And this time it's about 25 % self composition ;)

    • 44: CommentAuthoras...
    • CommentTime27 Nov 2022
    A że to
    • 45: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime24 Jan 2023
    Still thinking about bass sound optimizing at 64kHz....

    • 46: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime25 Jan 2023
    very nice tune, could you share a xex?
    • 47: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime5 Feb 2023
    tatqoo inspires me to do conversions in RMT :)

    The upper one is more "Sid like"....this one is more chippy...

    • 48: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime6 Feb 2023
    I repeat my request: please attach the .xex files :)
    • 49: CommentAuthormono
    • CommentTime6 Feb 2023 zmieniony
    Hmmm. "POKEY tune by emkay" a tymczassem ja widzę, że POKEY tune zrobił tatqoo aka samuraj

    a emkay nawet mu go komentował.
    • 50: CommentAuthormarok
    • CommentTime6 Feb 2023
    Ale czy to nie są dwie zupełnie osobne wersje, wykonane zresztą pod różnymi trackerami?
    Tatqoo zrobił w DxRMT a Emkay pod RMT.
    Brzmią dość wyraźnie różnie od siebie.

    (Pierwszy przeróbkę zrobił Tatqoo, ale potem "inspirując się" zrobił swoją wersję Emkay.)

    Nie widzę najmniejszego problemu akurat nigdzie.