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    I have just been asked if there is an automatic viewer (also known as fader / slideshow) for TIP format, alas I had to reply that I do not know of one. And while thinking about it, I also noticed that it looks like picture faders / slideshows do only exist for old and standard graphic formats Gr.8, Gr.9 and Gr. 15 (and also one for Gr. 9+11 Paint 256 Format).

    But there are no fader or slideshow programs for the newer A8 gfx formats like HIP, RIP, TIP, RGB, INP, INT, CIN, XLP, MAX, IST, MCP, etc. etc. All these gfx formats do have viewers - but one has to choose each file to load manually which is quite awkward if one simply wants to see all pics on the disk (or disk-image). For RGB there is a slideshow program in Basic (named Coloursquashview by Clay Halliwell), but again one has to choose which pics to show (press "A" to show all RGB pics on the disk) and how long to show them (type in 1-xxx to view them for 1-xxx seconds).

    To make a long story short: Could someone program a fader /slideshow program for the newer A8 gfx formats (not all in one, separate slideshow programs, e.g. one for each format) that a) load + display all pics on the disk automatically one after another, b) show every pic. for approx. 10 seconds and c) include some extras, like: press START to restart and re-load Directory (after a new disk has been inserted), press SELECT to pause / unpause (to change disks) and press OPTION to quit to DOS/DUP...

    I attach some old fader / slideshow programs here, for the Gr.8, Gr.9, Gr. 15 and Gr. 9+11 formats. Maybe they are an inspiration to create a similar fader / slideshow program for the new A8 gfx formats mentioned above...
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    • CommentTime9 May 2010
    True, there are viewers, but not slideshows. The next area to explore for Atari coders.
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    • CommentTime10 May 2010
    A fader/slideshow program is definitely needed.
    I think it would not be difficult for authors to modify TIPView to automatically show images on disk.
    Perhaps Chris you could translate in Polish our wishes.
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    • CommentTime10 May 2010
    I can, for sure - but I suppose "TIP View" author speaks English better than me :)

    1. Charlie Chaplin zauwazyl, ze istnieja na Atari przegladarki (dzialajace na zasadzie pokazu slajdow) do starszych formatow graficznych jak GR8, GR9, GR15, a nawet GR9+GR11, ale nie ma takich programow do wyswietlania nowszych formatow: HIP, RIP, TIP, RGB, INP, INT, CIN, XLP, MAX, IST, MCP, etc.

    2. Istnieja oczywiscie viewery, ale zawsze trzeba w nich wybrac recznie plik, zaladowac, wyswietlic. Jest to meczace i dlugotrwale, jezeli chcemy obejrzec wiele obrazkow, na przyklad na dyskietce, na ktorych jest ich pelno.

    3. Dla formatu RGB jest program-slideshow w Basicu ("Coloursquashview" Claya Halliwella), ale tez z nieciekawa obsluga.

    4. W skrocie: czy bylby ktos w stanie napisac program dla Atari do wyswietlania takich nowszych formatow? Niekoniecznie jeden program do wszystkich, moze byc dla kazdego formatu osobno. Program powinien:

    a) automatycznie ladowac i wyswietlac wszystkie obrazki z dysku, jeden po drugim
    b) wyswietlac jeden obrazek okolo 10 sekund
    c) zawierac takie elementy jak restart i ponowne zaladowanie katalogu dyskietki (np. klawiszem START), mozliwosc pauzowania pokazu (np. klawiszem SELECT) oraz wyjscie do DOS-a (np. klawiszem OPTION).

    5. Charlie zalaczyl tez w archiwum zip kilka starszych programow do podgladania formatow graficznych GR.8, GR.9, GR.15 oraz GR.9+11, moze posluza za inspiracje.
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    • CommentTime31 Jul 2010
    e^pi has replied to my email.
    He has put my suggestions (TIPView: automatic slideshow of images present on disk. TIPConv: icons to select Palette/Saturation and Palette/Brightness settings instead of having to enter menu) onto TODO list, but unfortunately, currently he has no time for this project.
    He informed me that, if someone would like to implement sooner my ideas, all the sources are publicly available at github: ->link<-