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    Yesterday I had a disk with several programs on it and curious as I am, I tested one program after another to find out what they are. One program was named "MAGPALET.BAS" and when loading it from Atari Basic it gave an ERROR 136 - so it looks like a part of the program is missing...

    Next step, looked at the program with a disk/sector editor and it revealed its name "Magiczny Palet" or something like that from ArSoft Corporation. Today I visited his webpage and found several programs for download, but not this program...

    Question: Does anyone have a working copy of this program ? From what I could see (with disk editor), it could be a drawing/painting program, but alas, it does not load, so it could be something completely different...
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    • CommentTime17 Dec 2016
    Magiczna Paleta to spolszczony program Magic Painter.

    so it is the (translated) type-in listing "Magic Painter" from the german magazine Happy Computer. Thats why I could not find it on your webpage with your other programs...

    Thanks anyways!