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Vanilla 1.1.4 jest produktem Lussumo. Więcej informacji: Dokumentacja, Forum.


    I found several bugs in the game (more or less the same ones that Stefan Dorndorf found) and Madrafi fixed all of them. At least I hope so... And errrm, I did correct the translation in the german version somewhat (was not always easy, because we germans always use long words).

    If you or Stefan still find bugs in the latest version, then simply contact Madrafi, he is a very patient guy and does the bugfixes very fast!

    And if you want, I can also add you or Stefan to our conversation (pm's) at Atari Age, there you can read everything (and watch some small videos and view several screenshots)... just let me know and with a keyclick this is done...
    • 2: CommentAuthorMADRAFi
    • CommentTime11 Mar 2020 zmieniony
    Wszystkie aktualizacje zawieraly poprawki znalezionych bledow.
    Wersja 1.8 powinna juz byc wolna od wszelkich dziwnych zachowan, smieci na ekranie itd :)
    Nie prowadzilem list poprawek ktora moglbym upublicznic.
    W kazdym badz razie duzo z tych bledow bylo dosyc krytycznych.

    Z wiekszych zmian:
    Rzeczywisty czas podrozy pomiedzy lokacjami zostal skrocony.
    Gre teraz mozna ukonczyc

    Delikatne zmiany w odleglosci pomiedzy lokacjami ( z tego co pamietam (1)
    2 lokacje nie mialy przedmiotow do kupienia ani nie akceptowaly nic do sprzedania.

    PS Nadal nikt nie odkryl easter egga i nie upublicznil go.
    • 3: CommentAuthorKrzys
    • CommentTime11 Mar 2020
    Ja easter egga nie mam jeszcze (a trochę posiedziałem), ale skoro na bieżąco supportujesz produkt, to ci podrzucę dwa tematy.
    • 4: CommentAuthortakron27
    • CommentTime13 Mar 2020
    nabyłem od Ciebie fullpakiet Star'a na Silly. Też poproszę o wersję poprawioną.
    • 5: CommentAuthorMADRAFi
    • CommentTime13 Mar 2020 zmieniony
    W przypadku osob ktore nabyly gre na Silly Venture. Prosze o kontakt na email podany na stronie
    Do maila prosze zalaczyc zdjecie zakupionego zestawu w celu weryfikacji.
    • 6: CommentAuthortakron27
    • CommentTime16 Mar 2020
    • 7: CommentAuthorMADRAFi
    • CommentTime24 Apr 2020 zmieniony
    Udostępniam źródła projektu:

    Bez obiektow graficznych
    • 8: CommentAuthorastrofor
    • CommentTime24 Apr 2020
    woooow genialnie dzięki MADRAFi !
    • 9: CommentAuthorzbyti
    • CommentTime24 Apr 2020
    @MADRAFi dzięki! Zawsze to ponad rok czyichś doświadczeń w Mad Pascalu do przyswojenia :]
    • 10: CommentAuthorgienekk
    • CommentTime10 May 2020
    Są jeszcze dostępne sztuki edycji MAX?
    • 11: CommentAuthorMADRAFi
    • CommentTime10 May 2020
    Nie, Ostatnie sztuki sa dostepne dla czlonkow klubu ABBUC. Napisz do Sachy byc moze wysle do PL :)
    a few days ago I stumbled over this A8 game:

    Today I had the time to play it and was quite surprised due to its many similarities to Star Vagrant. (I am quite sure there are many other games that are similar to Star Vagrant and this is not the only one.) Of course Star Vagrant is better in many ways, but it was still fun to play that old type-in listing and modify it to my own preferences. I also wrote a short + subjective description at atarimania - if you like Star Vagrant, maybe you want to take a look and download Star Merchant...?!?

    (Besides, the full version of Star Vagrant is still available for purchase at Abbuc.)
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    • CommentTime21 Feb 2021
    As far as I remember, Madrafi wrote that he was inspired by the idea of ​​some PC game, unfortunately I do not remember the name of the game. It is possible that it was, for example, Star Merchant:

    As you can see, the idea behind it is very similar. You buy a ship, go into space to trade. Maybe the game's creators were inspired by the Atari game from 1981, who knows? That would mean that history has come full circle, from Atari to PC to Atari again. Anyway, let me quote your comments on Atarimania as they are interesting:


    This might be the forerunner or inspiration to "Star Vagrant" by Madrafi. The Creative Computing game was converted to the Atari in simple Atari Basic and is text only. Nevertheless the game is very playable and errmm, it is not easy. The cargo that is available at the various star systems is chosen randomly it seems, so you never know before hand what cargo you can buy or sell there (in my eyes it would have been better to have the cargo pre-set for each star system so you can plan your strategy). Therefore you need some luck to buy the cheapest cargo and find the star system where you can sell it at a much higher price. If you are unlucky, you have to sell the cargo at a lower price and doing this 2-3 times (or not selling cargo at all) will most of the time lead to a bankrupt. Another problematic point is the salary of the crew which starts at 500,000 and gets higher and higher during the game. It happened to me (after warping to three different star systems) that I could not pay off the crew anymore and then also ended with a bankrupt and game over. But evil as I am, I simply removed this part of the program listing, so the game is now easier and I can play much longer. There seems to be no real ending or final goal of the game, either you end up going bankrupt or you try to end with more money than you started the game with. This means you can end the game after two years of leasing your spaceship, but you can also continue the game as long as you wish (as long as you do not get bankrupt) and renew the lease of your spaceship almost endlessly. A final goal would have been much better in my opinion (e.g. reach 10 million, 100 million or whatever), but hey this is just a type-in listing.

    Star Vagrant offers many enhancements and improvements compared to this game, first it has great gfx (not text only), second there is music during the game (which can be switched off), there are different types of spaceships (with different speeds, varying sizes of cargo hold, etc.), many more star systems, pirates and thieves, pre-set cargo types for each star (so you can make plans what to buy where and to sell where) and a final goal (reach x million of cash).

    By the way:


    But evil as I am, I simply removed this part of the program listing, so the game is now easier and I can play much longer.

    Did you save this version? Share, please :D
    Like I said, I simply removed several lines of the type-in listing of Star Merchant, afair I removed lines 1040-1230 and kept only the last line with a RETURN statement (1230). So the ship crew is no longer able to go on strike for a higher salary, hehehe. (Instead of completely removing these lines, one could have also used REMs.)

    I also changed lines 3340-3360 in such a way:
    3340 "Fuel";E1*D4 (instead of E2*D4)
    3350 completely removed
    3360 B2=B2-(E1+E1*D4)

    Thus the price for fuel is 50% cheaper now (E1 is 50.000, while E2 is 100.000) and by removing line 3350 the ship crew does not get any extra money for docking. In other words, the ship crew does not play any role anymore in my version of Star Merchant. I found it very awful to go bankrupt because of the ship crew and the money I had to pay them a) as salary and b) as extra money for docking. It happened several times that I went bankrupt after two or three rounds, because I could not pay the ship crew anymore, so making the above changes avoids this.
    Inspiration for "Star Vagrant" may go back to the 1980s when games of the "Tradewars" series were popular or even back to the 1970s when "Star Trader" was popular. Maybe Madrafi could tell us, what inspired him...?!?