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    • 1: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime27 Aug 2020
    Hi, I created cca 250 videos for great AVG cart. There link to them.


    There are archives:
    Dance 90s - Best of music videos Eurodance 90s
    Game Intros - Best of game intros of 80s and 90s
    Atari Jaguar videos - game intros and commercials
    Movie Trailers - Trailers of my favorite 80s movies :)
    Amiga Games - short 3 minutes cutted videos from different levels amiga games.

    Lists are in rar attachment.
    • 2: CommentAuthorgorgh
    • CommentTime27 Aug 2020
    • 3: CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime27 Aug 2020
    Nice! I made two Monty Python movies and both Bladerunners.
    @Peri Noid: Where can we download your movies ? Are they PAL / 50fps ?

    [Maybe you can use the Internet Archive / to upload them ?!?]
    • 5: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime31 Aug 2020
    hi, avf watchers :)

    I finished Best of 80s collection (69 videos) and updated Best of 90s to version 1.2 (108 videos, it should be final).

    List is in attachment.

    • 6: CommentAuthorpustak
    • CommentTime31 Aug 2020
    Thanks for the movies!
    Brood War trailer for Atari - great :)

    But I have a question.
    I have a problem with sound. It's too quiet.
    Maybe it is prepared for stereo (which I do not have).
    At the beginning of the movie, I hear a single screech. There is a sound later, but I can't turn it up.
    According to phaeron:
    AVF videos work with up to 509 Kbytes per second (50fps PAL, 60fps NTSC). The audio is mixed into the video stream and is MONO only.

    You hear a screech at the beginning of each movie, alas it seems to be unavoidable. There is also a not-so-nice noise (humming, whistling, buzzing, whatever you call it) during playback of the whole video, this is the 100Hz signal of Pokey and also seems to be unavoidable.


    Some videos display either green or purple pixels, where there is only black originally, this seems to be a bug of GTIA which can also be seen in some RIP/TIP or APC/AP2/AP3 conversions. Converted some XMAS pics several years ago into TIP and RIP and where the original pic had only black, the CPEG converter produced lots of green pixels - as said before, this can be seen in several AVF videos (and sometimes instead of green pixels you see purple pixels)...
    • 8: CommentAuthorlopezpb
    • CommentTime1 Sep 2020
    I have the same problem with quiet sound but as I suppose it's a feature not a bug ;)
    • 9: CommentAuthorpin
    • CommentTime1 Sep 2020
    .. z dźwiękiem to jest z czego zauważyłem tak, że to czy jest on ciszej / głośniej, czy jest mniej, czy więcej zakłócony - to bardzo zależy od samej karty CF (mowa o SIDE2). Są też karty, z którymi player będzie miał problem ogólnie, wówczas wywali komunikat o błędzie.

    Czy te filmiki skonwertowane są do NTSC? Odpaliłem trzeci i koloru nie ma.
    • 10: CommentAuthorlopezpb
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2020
    U mnie są w kolorze, przynajmniej te co odpaliłem, ale ja mam AVG carta.
    • 11: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2020
    All videos are in PAL. AVF extension is renamed img, which you can save to CF card. I have problem with colours when I had bad core active. Because I have VBXE inside And I have VBXE core, not ANTIC core. Than are colours missing. Videos are in mono.
    • 12: CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2020
    Z dźwiękiem w tych filmach jest dziwnie. Próbowałem walczyć z tym poziomem dźwięku i nie doszedłem do ładu. Próbowałem podbijać w Audacity, robić normalizacje, nawet przesterować - kicha, nic głośniej. Nie rozumiem tego ni w ząb. Ale nie zawsze, w niektórych klipach jest OK.
    • 13: CommentAuthorpin
    • CommentTime2 Sep 2020
    Poziom audio podbijaj w virtualdub.
    Nowadays I would like to experiment more with 160x200 (or 160x240) interleaved modes and 16, 32, 64 or 128 colours. Since I am no programmer, maybe some coders could do some PC or A8 converters for the following Gr. mode combinations:

    - Gr. 15 lum x Gr. 15 col. => 4x4 = up to 16 colours in 160x200 (240) resolution, e.g. RAW, MAX

    - Gr. 15 lum. x Gr. 10 col. (with GTIA-shift!, Gr. 10 first + last colour = black) => 4x8 = up to 32 colours in 160x200 (240) resolution

    - Gr. 15 col. x Gr. 10 lum. (with GTIA-shift) => 4x8 = up to 32 colours in 160x200 (240) resolution

    - Gr. 15 lum. x Gr. 11 col. => 4x16 = up to 64 colours, e.g. CIN mode

    - Gr. 10 lum x Gr. 10 col (with GTIA-shift; in Gr. 10 colour: first and last colour = black) => 8x8 = up to 64 colours in 160x200 (240) resolution

    - Gr. 10 lum. x Gr. 11 col. (with GTIA-shift) => 8x16 = up to 128 colours in 160x200 (240) resolution;

    Gr. 10 has 9 colours on the A8, but since most PC programs and convertere on the PC can only produce a square of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, ...) colours, it would be enough to use 8 colours in Gr. 10 and simply set the first and last colour to black.

    Gr. 10 also has luminances, but only 8 luminances. I am not sure if these 8 luminances are fixed / set in stone (silicon) on the A8 -or- if one could choose 8 luminances from a total of 16. If the luminances are fixed in Gr. 10, then there is nothing one can do, but if one could choose 8 of 16 luminances, we would have several choices:

    - e.g. use the first 8 luminances 0-7 (very dark, starting with black)
    - e.g. use the last 8 luminances 8-15 (very bright, ending with white)
    - e.g. use only even luminances (0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14)
    - e.g. use only odd/uneven luminances (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15)
    - e.g. use 8 luminances free of will / free of choice

    I guess, the luminances are fixed in Gr. 10, but if they are not, we could use some variations (even, odd, etc.) and in combination with Gr. 11 we could then produce some good results with up to 128 colours and high resolution...

    The six combinations above of a) Gr. 15 with Gr.15 or GTIA (10 or 11) and b) Gr. 10 combined with Gr. 10 or 11 could also be useful for AVF videos with lots of colours and 4x higher resolution than standard Gr. 9+11 (where standard is 80x100 pixels in AVF videos). Phaeron said at AA forum that HIP / greyscale mode would definitely be doable for AVF movies, for the other modes he was not so sure. Alas, he also said that he is not interested nor willing to test it and create other movie players for AVF movies (for any other modes than Gr. 9+11)... :-(

    *GTIA-Shift: like in HIP or RIP mode, Gr. 10 resolution is changed to 160x192 (or 160x200 or 160x240)...